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Means of Escape's 'Guide to Fire Safety Signs and Signing' has been produced to help organisations identify signage needed within their premises. The guide demonstrates good practice in accordance to the appropriate British Safety Standards and will aid you in signing your premises in accordance with an effective risk assessment, helping you to fulfil the requirements of current legislation. 


Correct Safety Signage in line with British Safety Standards not only aids awareness to staff and visitors but importantly assists in effective means of escape.

Safety signs, including fire safety signs - Part 4: Code of practice for escape route signing.
BS ISO 17398
Safety colours and safety signs - Classification, performance and durability of safety signs.
BS ISO 16069
Graphical symbols - Safety signs - Safety way guidance systems (SWGS)
BS EN ISO 7010
Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Safety signs used in workplaces and public areas.
ISO 9186
Graphical symbols. Test methods for judged comprehensibility and for comprehension.
DIN 67 510 Part 1
Deutsche Normen Standard. Test method for luminance performance.
DIN 67 510 Part 4
Deutsche Normen Standard. Luminance performance requirements for photoluminescent materials.
ISO 3864: 1984, and satisfy the requirements of EC Directives 77/576/EEC and 92/58/EEC.s

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  1. Jalite - Prestige BS EN ISO 7010 Escape Route Signs

    The new product requires no direct electrical connection saving both power and expensive maintenance, by utilising Jalite AAA Photoluminescent technology, the sign is energised by the ambient light and the stored energy is...

  2. Guide to Fire Safety Signs and Signing

    ... This guide is designed to aid the person responsible for fire safety to develop a culture of fire safety awareness by the implementation of an effective fire safety signing ... plc File:  Guide to fire safety signs.pdf Weight:  4 ...

  3. Norfolk manufacturer signs new export deal to India

    Britain’s last fire extinguisher manufacturer has signed a major export deal with India – as other fire companies import from there and China. ...

  4. ISO 23601 - Escape & Evacuation Plan Signs

    It has been widely accepted that there is a need to standardise on a system of communicating escape routes in facilities that rely as little as possible on words, focussing more on visual identification of location and routes...

  5. NHS Estates - 20 Years Ahead In Fire Safety Sign Design Requirements

    ... development of the Health Technical Memorandum 65 Part 2 - Fire Safety Signs, which has been superseded by NHS Wayfinding Document, has stood as a bed ...

  6. The Common Language For Safety Communication That Can Bring World Harmony!

    The work on BS EN ISO 7010 has now been completed and is being implemented as best practice throughout the world to communicate the safety message using graphical symbols that transcends the barriers to good safety management...

  7. Jalite Pioneer New Sign Designs

    ... accordance with: BS5499-1:2002 - Graphical symbols and signs - Safety signs, including fire safety signs - Part 1: Specification for geometric shapes, colours and ...

  8. British Standards

    ... may overlap or be duplicated in multiple sections. Fire Detection & Alarm Systems BSI gives recommendations on fire detection ... for cryogenic liquids. • BS 5499-10:2014 - Safety signs, including fire safety signs, Guidance for the selection and use of ...

  9. Means of Escape Pocket Guides

    ... and the measures to be taken in connection with safety signs. These pocket guides are a reliable and easy training method for your ... available for all your requirements. PG01 Know your Fire Extinguishers (10qty) PG02 Know your Role (10qty) PG03 Know your Fire ...

  10. Alan Cox Discusses Planning for Hotel Fire Safety, Sponsored by FireCad

    ... made a recommendation on 22 nd December 1986 on fire safety in existing hotels (86/666/EC) The purpose of these recommendations was to: 1.1. Reduce the risk of fire breaking out; ...


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